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Foreign films


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Red is my fave by far..Blue 2nd White 3rd. Agreed :cool:


have you seen any of Kieslowski's other films: L'Double Vie de Veronique and short film about Love are also very excellent :cool:


other foreign faves:


The Man w/o A Past(finnish), Cold Fever(japanese/finnish), Le Samourai (french), Fallen Angels (chinese), Eric Rohmers seasons films: A winters/summers/springs Tale films are excellent if you like dialogue driven material...The Red Squirrel (spanish), Stray Dog (Japanese), Battle Royale, FireWorks/Hana Bi (both japanese), City of God (Brazilian) , Highway Patrolman (Mexican) , Elling (Danish, i think) that last one, OMG i was ROTFL laughing its soo funny!! plus its got a good heart to it too, kinda moving. :cool:

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I know these are sposed to be foreign films and all but I just saw this really amazing American indie film done by the Polish Brothers (their name is Polish...so for the purpose of introducing this wonderful film to the thread I will classify it as foreign...plus if you're not in America it's foreign....) Anyway film's called Northfork and it is absolutely gorgeous! I nearly crashed the car I was sobbing so much as I was driving home...it just kept running through my mind over and over. I love it when you leave the theater with a film that you have only just begun to understand....This really is a wonderful movie!

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Dirk Diggler: Jack, I was thinking about my name, y'know?

Jack Horner: Yeah?

Dirk Diggler: I was wondering if you had any ideas.

Jack Horner: I've got a few, but you tell me

Dirk Diggler: Well, my idea was, y'know, I want a name I want it so it can cut glass, y'know, razor sharp.

Jack Horner: Tell me.

Dirk Diggler: When I close my eyes, I see this thing, a sign, I see this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline. And this name is so bright and so sharp that the sign -- it just blows up because the name is so powerful... It says, "Dirk Diggler."

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Have you seen "Far away so close" I think is a German/French production or something like that. I also liked "Malena" with Monica Belucci(is that the correct spelling? :/ ).

There are better films than "Y tú mamá también", such as "La otra conquista".


There is a movie from India "The Ceremony" it's great!

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