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I have a Coldplay poster to give away...


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I have a Coldplay poster that I no longer want to keep but would like it to go to a loving home!


It is a Parachutes poster of the band with their backs to you looking out to sea.


I live in Lewisham, so if you would like it and can collect it in person than let me know. I am also happy to post it if you are happy to send me a cheque to cover postage. I'm not asking for any money for the poster inself.


It is in good condition and has not been on my wall for a good few years now...


Hope to hear from you!


Isobel :)

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lol I don't really belong on this site as I'm not an uber fan.....I do like Coldplay though, don't get me wrong....


I just have this poster that I've tried advertising on Freecycle and Gumtree but no-one wants it :-( So I thought.....mmm, I need to find a Coldplay fansite!!


So here I am.....x

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I am giving it away.....just don't want to fork out for postage if it's going to cost me loads....If someone local wants it and the postage isn't too much I would probably be happy to post it.....but I just realised there are people from all over the world on here! (Lewisham is SE London, UK)


Will see what I can do about uploading a picture tomorrow....but am hoping most of you will know the poster I mean...


Will check in tomorrow or over the weekend to see if anyone wants it.....otherwise I think I'm going to have to admit defeat and put in it the recycling bin! x

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