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Coldplay Merch Pics


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Does anybody have any pictures they took of shirts bought from the Coldplay.com store/concert booth? I've seen a few in person, and they're VERY different than what's listed. But that was awhile ago, and new stuff has been added.


And the prices have gone way down...

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i have 3, the black babydoll with viva, the red one with Viva la Vida and the pink one with the heart on it. bought them at the concert, but theyre exactly the same as in the onlie shop pics.


and bout the prices, guess it's a sort off sale thing? yknow, 'end' of the tour, everything away. idonno:\


and its not fair! the make so much man shirts and stuff. ive seen a shirt that i really want!! .. but its a mans shirt.. demmit! thats never going to fit me :P

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