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Did Chris Martin shave his head again?


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Me too, I generally don't like men with too short hair.

Even in the "A rush of blood to the head" era it made him look old and not as attractive as he could look. With this short hair he looks like a refined man who did something wrong and punishes himself with this haircut. Chris never did anything wrong or maybe not???? Well we don't know ;)


My favourite style is this, he looks like an angel with it:





And also a bit longer is not bad at all:





By the way I love this Rolling Stone Cover, can't understand the guys in here saying he wants to look like a God on it...


I love the stones cover too! its like the perfect photo of him!!!

but i do like his short hair too... but back from AROBTTH era cause now hes older and his hair line looks wired shaved lol

like in "The Scientist" it looked good. but from the event were he is in the Tie (amazingly hot!) i don't like his hair... too short lol

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