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  1. Is This It-The Strokes Can't believe I didn't listen to them earlier
  2. If you like Sigur Ros you'd like Explosions in the Sky :smug:
  3. Parachutes-Coldplay The Suburbs-Arcade Fire Plans-Death Cab for Cutie Hopes & Fears-Keane
  4. I know! :sad: How are you doing?

  5. Yes, I am here. :lol:

  6. I'm good! :D Just trying to finish some summer homework which I am doing...unsuccessfully :lol: How are you?

  7. Well he's very lovely indeed with his...wings :lol:

  8. Your avatar :heart: Sufjan :awesome:

  9. Kelly your avatar :heart: Dommeh :charming:

  10. I've always tried to convince myself I'm not a fangirl. But once LP5 comes out..I don't even know what'll happen because I became a fan after VLV. :uhoh:

  11. I FORGOT ABOUT RADIOHEAD AND METRIC AND ARCADE FIRE :charming: I like your taste in music! :awesome: And yes, I will always go back to Coldplay, the only band I can truly fangirl over. :D

  12. Other bands :wacko: I like Muse, The Killers, The Beatllleeessss, hmm Vampire Weekend, The Strokes :awesome: BUT I LIKE COLDPLAY THE BEST :wideeyed: How about you? Ohwait..I see you like MGMT :nice:

  13. You don't suck as a friend :nice: A suckish friend would ignore my irregular and random "Hello!" posts :lol:

  14. Yes me too the beach is wonderful :D Do you go to the ocean or a lake sorta thing? I love the ocean cause of the big waves..it's fun to get hit by them as weird as that may sound :laugh3:

  15. ANETTE. :awesome: Hay :wacko:

  16. It was long...my mom signed me up for this stupid acting program from 9-5 :confused: But I guess it'll be...fun for the next five days :shrug: And yay the beach :awesome: I live on an island so I go all the time...I ride my bike there :lol:

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