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If Coldplay Changed Their Line-up...


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Guest howyousawtheworld

Jonny Greenwood fucks up live a few times so no to him. How about splitting up the group if one member left? It ain't Coldplay is it.

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My dream band line-up:


Thom Yorke on vocals (no one could ever match up to the incredible amount of emotion he puts into his music)


Jonny Greenwood on lead guitar


Ed O'Brien on rhythm guitar


Matt Bellamy on piano


Colin Greenwood on bass guitar


Phil Selway on drums


Shit I just named all of Radiohead plus Matt Bellamy. Fuckdamn that'd be epic.

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Dang I'd never though about this before


um...Drop Will for Larry Mullen Jr.

Drop Jonny for Ray Toro \m/ wooot

Retain Chris because Coldplay won't be coldplay anymore if he's out

for Guy? uhh...watever.

and....Me for the newest member :wacky: :dance: (I could play the keys; Chris just have to sing)


that's not my dream line-up but :wacky:

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