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Hey there


I come to bother again, now the thing is I got my bandwidth internet or whatever it's called, I got my usb that gives me internet anywhere in my lap. It's not the bet thing, it's supposed to work at a decent speed til I use it too much and download too many stuff, then I wait until the end of the month and speed again.


THE IMPORTANT THING, my internet has been way too slow the past week, it takes like 30 min to load a 4 min youtube vid!! It's been a turtle lately. That' not normal, I've had it for 3 months now and it should not be like that since I just paid the month service recently.


I goy Symantec (from school) and it got some viruses in quarintine and I don't know how to access to them to delete them. I just downloaded Avast which my friend recommended and it erased 2 viruses from my computer yesterday. Then it worked decently, but today it's back to the turtle speed again.


Should I get another antivirus or what do I do??? I've read about some adware or antispyware or whatever what do you think??

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Download this:



Unconnect from the internet, to uninstall your current anti-virus, install microsoft's pretty good anti-virus software, connect upto the net to update it disconnect from the net. Restart the computer into safe mode (hit F8 when it's booting up) and run the anti-virus and hopefully it will find the bugger.

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