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Halloween in December


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Last night was Halloween here, it's celebrated every year on the fourth of December in Lebanon, it's actually Saint Barbara's day, i just wanted to let people know, i think it's interesting that we are the only country who doesn't celebrate it in October only, wearing costumes has been a tradition for several centuries, we do it to remember what St Barbara did when her father who was very powerful, hated christians and worshiped idols came after her to have her decapitated after he found out she was Christian, she ran away and got dressed as a peasant and put mud on her face but her father caught her and killed her, he recognized her from the golden bracelets she was wearing, each year people go knocking on doors singing a very popular song telling her story, this is our halloween.


just thought it might be intersting to let you know:nice:

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Guest howyousawtheworld
Why are you so obsessed with Lebanon?


Because she lives there you complete and utter twonk


. And no. Don't take down your sig ceader's child. Be proud of your country and national identity especially considering the tough time you people had in 2006.

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Guest howyousawtheworld
god, that's a sad story behind it :sad:

I presume the holiday itself it much happy.


Happy Halloween. :nice:


Yep. On the thread topic indeed - what a sad and disturbing story. You learn something new everyday! This is priceless knowledge. Cheers ceaders child.

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In a way, :thinking:

surely living your life in that way has it's emotional rewards.

But she must have been distraught by what she saw on the streats.


distraught yes but she must have been happy knowing she was doing something to help.


no, on the streets of Calcutta :laugh3:

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Yeah, i don't know how she did it,

i remember learning about her when we were younger.

About how she helped people on the streets ( not binge drinkers :laugh4: )

and story of the guy she helped, who's legs had started to be eaten by rats,

he had not the energy to move.




...happy saints?

:laugh4: i need happiness.

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