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I am going through one of those stupid "everything is immoral" states, where one realises "omg society is so wrong" and bleats it wherever they can - in my case, on thar internetz.


Please ignore any irrelevant threads or replies I make of this nature, and redirect me back to my own thread if I do so. It is bad habit and I'm trying not to look like a total idiot by continuously doing it.


I can bleat on about "immorality" in my own time somewhere away from the forum where nobody cares.


(This is just to remind myself otherwise I keep doing it, plus you get to make me look silly and reconsider instead of going on about shit)



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Thats not necessarily a bad thing. Anyone who thinks hard about the choices they make, comes to this point.


The fact is, its impossible not to be a hypocrite, unless youre an alienating hardliner. Even so, theres no way of being a hypocrite.


There will always be a moral choice you make that negates another choice you make, you cant help it, and theres nothing wrong with that.

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Well, that's the point Fitz, to redirect Crap That Nobody Cares About to somewhere other than here, because obviously nobody cares about it. Simple concept, I just needed this to remind myself.


Incidentally, if you did not care, why did you click on the thread to see what it was, lulz?

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It would be a bit odd to have "don't bleat on about morals" stickied onto my computer monitor, it is a shared one. My mother, whom is the type to pick out "signs" and all of this and is far too interested in what I and others say on Coldplaying, would hound me to no end.


This note helps because it's on the platform I actually do the bleating on, so I can recall it much easier than I normally would(n't). If you want to lock it due to pointlessness go ahead but it's just a way of disciplining myself better.

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