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Coldplay Live Hour on Radio 1


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Is anyone currently listening to Radio 1??? (Fearn Cotton's show) - They've just started playing (12 pm UK time) a WHOLE HOUR of Coldplay live, the recording from Hampden Park in Glasgow back in Sept. Everyone who's online right now, go click "Listen live" to listen :D


http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00pfl65 I think they already played it back in Sept on the Friday of the first Wembley concert... (Jo Whiley's last show). But I'm excited to hear it again in full.


Don't worry if you miss it... you can listen again for a whole week.


It sounds effing amazing..... bringing back so many memories from Wembley :D :D

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Oh wow, that was incredible.... :D I've just spent the last hour going as nuts as Chris in my dining room with our surround speakers on full volume. Oh god I'm so embarassing. :laugh3: The sound quality was amazing on that recording. And hearing the crowd so loud, gaaah. Makes me want to be there again at Wembley singing along on a wave of euphoria. Fix You was probably my fave part, the crowd reaction at the end... "that must be some kind of record" - Chris :lol: :D


And no problem guys, just thought I'd let you all know. :nice:

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