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How to prepare for a concert?


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I have no idea if this is the right spot to ask thins but it seemed fitting


Im going to a muse concert in March and i just wanted to hear from experienced concert goers how they prepare for the concert experience? lol

post anything and everything that will help me get the most out of the night as im paying over 100 to go!


Thanks! :D

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1 closed toed shoes!!!


2 start charging your camera 2 days before


3 make a sign if allowed


4 sleep A LOT the day before


5 do some exercises to strengthen your legs if your going to be jumping around in the pit the whole time

otherwise your legs will be murder!! the next day


also if your going to be jumping around, where layers, like hoodie, longsleeve, tank top cuz youll heat up real fast that way.



....thats all i have to say bout that

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Hydration is important, but so it avoiding bathroom breaks/losing your place in line. Drink lots and lots of water for a couple of days before, and then the day of keep the amount you drink to a (healthy- drink something) minimum. Sugary drinks (pop, most juices, sports and energy drinks), caffeine, and alcohol are your enemy.


Seconded on the layers- it will probably boil fast. And make sure you have a plan for storing the layers. Concerts in winter are the worst, because you need to keep warm in line outside too.


Also seconded on the comfy closed-toed shoes. You may be standing in them for a long time, and if they allow people to bring drinks into the pit, there may be broken glass underfoot.


Bags and purses work best if they aren't bulky and fit close to your body- you don't want them flapping around when your jumping or anyone else getting caught in them.


Check the venue's policies on what you bring with you ahead of time. Some allow cameras and some don't. Some restrict really odd things, and most have a problem with bottles. Plan ahead so that your belongings are problem-free and relatively easy to search. The less time they have to spend searching and confiscating, the better your chances of getting a good spot.

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