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Songs without Chris???!!!

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Help meeeee........ (please :))


Hi, I have just formed a new band, and right now we are short of a member, the Chris of our band is missing, and this means the Rythm guitarist/pianist.


I'm in desperate need of some coldplay songs which only require 3 people, i.e the Bassist, Lead G, and Drummer.


I think I know that Talk, and In my place are in this category, but I'm not absolutely certain, could anyone name some that aren't really gonna be too crazily difficult to do please?



P.S. If anyone wants to mention non-coldplay stuff without the need of the 2nd guitarist, then shoot! We just need some more meaningful stuff than Greenday and Muse is all!

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Viva is a little hard even with backtracks, since it includes a bell and a string quartet in addition of the repeating chords. Lovers In Japan features the tackpiano, and really, none of the Viva era songs are good if you want to play them. They're good music, just not easy to play's all.

I'd say Politik, and you can get someone to play the 2 (eventually 5 or so) chords on the piano or pre record them. Lost can be modified and covered by the trio of instruments. In My Place and White Shadows have backtracks but it's not as important on the first mentioned than the latter.

How about 1.36?

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Hey thanks for this, I never thought of White Shadows!!


How could we re-do lost then btw? And also, ...

...How on earth can I get the Backing tracks??? I.e where, can they be downloaded or...?


But thanks so far, more help pleasseeee..... :)


There's some site where they sell backtracks for some cheap price, you should check the "I need only LIT2 dulcimer backtrack" thread, there's a link there. That's the only backtrack I have.

Covering Lost would have the guitar playing chords, the bass holding it's originality (maybe change it a bit to include some of the lead guitar parts) and a stronger drumbeat, the drums in the studio version are hard to copy.

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