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American Idol: "Sticktoria" Beckham judged by critics for 'gaunt' and off-putting appearance


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American Idol: Victoria Beckham judged by critics for 'gaunt' and off-putting appearance



By Donna Mcconnell

Last updated at 1:05 PM on 13th January 2010



Victoria Beckham made her judging debut on U.S show American Idol last night.


But she was on the receiving end of some harsh criticism herself, as critics were largely unimpressed by her debut branding her appearance 'off-putting' and a 'failure'.

Victoria is one of a number of celebrity judges brought in as replacements for ex judge Paula Abdul until new judge Ellen DeGeneres takes over.

But reaction to her debut appearance was severe, and could have come from the lips of master of the putdown, Simon Cowell himself.


The Los Angeles Times said: 'The night's saddest failure, however, was guest judge Victoria Beckham, who actually made plenty of appealing comments and bonded beautifully with fellow judge Kara DioGuardi but whose gaunt appearance was so off-putting it might have cost her the slot DeGeneres eventually won.'


article-1242793-07D6DD6E000005DC-945_468x478.jpg Crazy: Critics were not crazy about her lace headband look and gaunt appearance which one critic said may have cost her the job permanently

article-1242793-07D6DCD6000005DC-738_468x363.jpg The new girl: Posh joined Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi as the talent contest started its ninth season with a trip to Boston




Influential New York newspaper The Village Voice's blog was similarly cuttting: 'Victoria Beckham does look sharp, if rather Jackie O. Barbie, tonight in a trim red suit. But her face is just too crazy for the close-up, and she has nothing to add to the commentary.







'I always thought a British accent made people sound smart but I guess I was wrong. Simon really does have that X-Factor'.

While the Washington Post mocked her lace headband look: 'Beckham-Spice appears to have cracked open her head, because it seemed to be held together with a strip of lace she found in her granny's closet.


The other Idol judges politely pretended not to notice.'

But she found support from one kind critic, who said: 'I've always had the impression that Victoria Beckham was rather pretentious and unapproachable, but clearly it was a false impression, for I found her to be kind and supportive to the contestants.


article-1242793-07D6DE0A000005DC-350_468x286.jpgRow: Victoria Beckham clashed with American Idol boss Simon Cowell, after she felt he was rude to a contestant on the new season of the hit talent show

'That she also happens to be very easy on the eyes did not hurt either.'

However, one contestant, Janet McNamara, after getting judge Kara DioGuardi mixed up with ex-judge Paula Abdul, had to have her memory jogged as to the identity of the guest judge.

Randy Jackson pointed to Victoria and said: 'Do you know who this is?' Janet replied: 'That's err... Victoria Beckham. David Beckham's wife.' Kara laughed to Victoria: 'That's all you are honey, sorry'.


Victoria is the first in a series of celebrity judges (including Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry, Shania Twain and Joe Jonas) to fill in for new Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres, who herself is replacing Paula Abdul.


DeGeneres will not appear during the first series of auditions due to scheduling conflicts with her daytime talk show. And it didn't take long for the former Spice Girl to assert herself.


article-1242793-07D6DE06000005DC-710_468x286.jpg Upstart: In her debut on the show Victoria dared to take on Cowell, asking why he was rolling his eyes when she disagreed with him




The 35 year-old clashed with head honcho Simon Cowell, after she took him to task over his rudeness to a contestant on the new season of the hit talent show.

Victoria, a guest judge on the first episode of the ninth series of the hit TV talent show, told acid-tongued Cowell that he was being rude to hopeful, Bosa Mora after Cowell told him his performance was 'good, but boring... I just found it very, very dull.'


But Victoria was quick to disagree: 'See, I didn't find you boring at all.'


As Cowell sighed and looked exasperated, she scolded him: 'Why do you do that?' He said: 'Do what?' She replied: 'That thing where you roll your eyes.

'It takes so much nerve to stand there and do that [audition].'


article-1242793-07D6DE12000005DC-808_468x297.jpg New style: Victoria's judging style was similar to Paula Abdul's softer style, and Abdul and Cowell often clashed





Despite Cowell's lack of enthusiasm for Bosa - and maybe thanks to the patronage of Posh - the auditionee made it through to the next round of the show in Hollywood.

Meanwhile Victoria shot down rumours she was vying for a permanent role on the panel: 'Ellen is going to be fantastic,' she said.


'For me, I just love the fact that I could dip in and dip out. It was great... I saw so much talent, and to be a part of making someone's dream come true was exciting for me.'


'I'm a very spiritual person and I believe you get back what you put out there. I believe in positivity.


'So even if someone was really not that great, they might have a great pair of shoes on that I really appreciated. I can find something good to say about most people,' she told E!.



article-1242793-07D6DBEE000005DC-893_468x332.jpg Best mates: Posh cosied up to a production member, as their outfits coordinated



article-1242793-07D6DCA2000005DC-947_468x329.jpg Hair don't: Victoria gets her unusual hairdo teased to perfection





Judge Randy Jackson said: 'She was actually really cool. I gave her the nickname Lady V, so hopefully she goes out into the world and uses that.'

Cowell used the season opener to announce that he is quitting Idol after this season to launch The X Factor in the States in 2011.

Among the standouts who impressed the panel and earned a ticket to Hollywood were Boston student Ashley Rodriguez, who chose Alicia Keys 'If I Ain't Got You' as her audition song, and vocal coach Justin Williams, who performed the 1965 musical number 'Feeling Good.'

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