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Léa scares me sometimes......

Guest LiquidSky

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Guest LiquidSky

By the things she says......



badaboum: if they don't want to be poison they shouldn't let me cook...


badaboum: you don't know the strangh of me at all...

be careful of your ass....

thinking is more hurting than speaking..


badaboum: i want to kill...


badaboum: i wait you...be careful i'm very dangerous



*Keeps in mind to be nice to Léa*



Hi, Léa! You weren't serious, were you? umm Love you~ :)

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Guest LiquidSky
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

it depends....i'm a psychopath....i kill my family first then my friends... :D



Well said~













*Tries to erase my name in Léa's list*



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