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The Help Sara Think Of Ideas For Her Play Thread


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Okay I had five settings and it was pretty good but then my teacher was like "um... it can only have two settings" and now I a) want to kill him and b) that's because I have to come with some cheesy way to condense the information given out in three of the settings (one of which is actually easily disposable tbf) in... ALEXIA'S DORM ROOM and THE ALIEN SPACESHIP... unless somehow I can have the alien come out of her drawer or something. zomgthixxx. and c) My character is going to lose like all of her relatability if I get rid of one scene in particular. And on top of that one of my friends said her insanity lacked depth and she became less relatable as the play went on, FML.

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Well... it was originally due tomorrow (I would be in the self-harm stage by now hahaha) but then the teacher decided to be amazing and said we could have ONE more weekend to do them but he'd like them in as soon as possible.


Currently my story is like, Alexia is in her dorm room studying and she hears voices telling her information about what she's studying, then in class two weeks later one of her teachers confronts her about her test grades, which have gone up redonkously, suspects her of using Ritalin etc, arranges a full examination of her, the shrink in the examination decides she has schizophrenia (this is implied, I never included this as a distinct scene), the guy at the med school makes her leave, she drives around a road in a depressed stupor (I really really have to get rid of this because you can't have cars onstage :P) I may be able to suggest it with the sounds of car crashes somehow) and then she gets beamed on an alien ship and an alien talks to her for a bit, and then back to her car, and she drives away, and that's it.


A friend suggested doing voiceovers while she was driving because she was insane but my teacher just went "I HATE VOICEOVERS" when I mentioned it so that idea is out :P

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Yeah that's probably what I'll do, when she's packing or something. :nice: Maybe I can have her tell her roommate about what went on in the other two scenes too... I'll work it out. :nice:




I know you will work it out. Have her get beamed while she is sleeping or some freaky shit like that:nice:

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