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The Help Sara Think Of Ideas For Her Play Thread


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Oh no please. We wouldn't want it to be so real.

Call her.. Alexia :rolleyes:

My brother calls me that :(


Kk, what should the aliens be named? Should they be nice awesome aliens like in that Radiohead song or mean angry aliens like in every other crappy science fiction one-act play ever written? :heart:

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Hmm, well as helpful as that was it isn't actually helping me atm because I have no ideas about anything at all so far... but thanks coz I will keep that in mind.

lol, well I was responding more to the 'what do you look for in a drama' part than the 'ideas?' part. I can't think of anything at the moment, but I kinda like the schitzo idea lulz.

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And there should be a love affair.




Jesus woman this play is ten minutes long, idk how I'm going to fit in failing a test, leaving home, AND getting on an alien ship AND dying all in the same fucking one-act, you want her to have sex with Kr'gattthrenin too?


(my alien's current working name)

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