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The Christmas lights will not be switched on until the X-factor is taken off!

Long Live Life

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I don't think we'll see Christmas lights released until the X-factor is out of the way.


Coldplay are smart enough to realise no decent song has won Christmas no.1 for a long time since X-factor came along.


2010 may be different, since there's a Twitter/ Facebook campaign for the Pogue's Fairytale of New York to win - seeing as it's the 10th anniversary of Kirsty's passing.


I would love that song to be no.1, but I'll predict Coldplay won't release their Christmas lights this year either.

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What a load of rubbish, rage against the machine got to number 1 last Christmas! Plus I doubt coldplay would be bothered about getting a number 1 anyway


Rage against the machine only got to no Christmas no 1 with an orchestrated internet campaign to keep off the X-factor from the top spot.


Much as I (and many others) love Coldplay, I can't see that working for them.


I hope this year's campaign to get Fairytale of New York works , as I love that song and it's the 10th anniversary of Kirsty's MacColl's death.

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Come on Coldplay, what about a Christmas EP?


Having said all that, what about a Christmas EP (a la Pet Shop Boys) with the following on it:


a Cover..... 2000 Miles (love that Coldplay cover, and it's not commercially available)

Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Christmas Lights



C'mon guys!

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