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MSn have said they're going to close down their un-moderated ones because of the fear of peadophilia, and freeserve have said the same..so


my question is this....Will it help fix the problem?



my own answer is no bloody way. The media and parents seem to think thatthis proble exists soley on the net, that people willalways meet up, that people always lie, that people always take advantage, and that the ent is nothing more than breeding ground for peadophilia.


i say that's bullshit. This problem existed way before the net. Because of one stupid litle ormonal girl who couldn't decide what she wanted, and one stupid american who did abuse his powers really, we get stuck with this. Now although i don't use chat-room i still think it's unfair to do it.


Peadophilia is much more of a real threat in the real world, where adults have contact with kids without the use of akeyboard, a mouse and a screen, where it'sd easier to kidnap, easier to take advantage of a child.


A local government in the next countryto mine have build a childrens park right next to apeadohpile rehab centre...and they thik the net is the problem>


stupid stupid stupid

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