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My 3/27/10 hotty night


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It was suposed that a friends of mine and I would go to a party for college students. We met at 12 am and went to one of my friends´ house. They drank some beverages (I didn´t) and then, when we were ready, we went walking to the party place. But a group of girls, friends of my friends, like to go to another special place. And before going to the party we went there. Ive always thought if I would fall in a pub like that, and finally Ive fallen there. We were dancing when suddenly a big muscle mass appeared in front of us and started to dance sensually. All the women present were screaming like a pack of desperate dogs and touched him in every part! This tractor-stripper were so artificial (in a way that he was pure collagen, anabolics and lots of stuff) that I began to laugh while the other girls were very excited. OMG! That was so ridiculous for me, but so hot for them. One of them acted as a cowboy, and the other, that appeared then, were "The Zorro". So, in a few words, Ive been to a strippers show, wich is not exciting for me, cause I rather common guys, but anyway, I had fun laughing about my unexpected situation. I have to say that finally we arrived to the party and we enjoyed it.

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