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Favorite Classical Piece?


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Smetna - The Moldau

Holst - The Planets


My dad heard me listening to the piano solo in Muse's Butterflies and Hurricanes recently and dug out some Rachmaninov- really like it.


And there's this one movement in one of Beethoven's symphonies that I like. It sounds really different from everything around it. Wish I could remember what it was. Edit: I found it: Beethoven's 7th Symphony, 2nd movement. Very dark, very powerful, and very beautiful... I still can't believe the guy heard all this music in his head!


Oh, and one of the best concerts I've ever seen (modern or classical) was a production of Handel's Messiah- you really can't appreciate how much depth his style of music has until you hear it live.

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those two styles (Butterflies and Hurricanes, Muse piano solo) and Rachmaninov's style..really do mathch up! :stunned:



what a chap of a dad!


Oh, Dad can't stand that I listen to any form of rock music at all- I think he was just happy to find something classical (well, romantic actually) to distract me with. I think he just recognized what piece the solo was taken from, or the style at least.


Heh... the chorus in space dementia is straight out of a Rachmaniniov piece too...

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Thanks for bumping this thread ClearAsCrystal!

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that rocks out to classical music from time to time.



My favorite classical piece as of lately is,


"Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D major"



This chord progression has stood the test of time for over three hundred years.




Check out this site if you have time.


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My favorite classical piece as of lately is,


"Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D major"


my mum loves to hear me play it on the piano...i have to play it almost everyday for her...lol

it is a really pretty song though....the best i've heard was a quartet of strings and a flutist and also a pianist...beautiful.


i've also really liked Tchaikovsky and the music from the Nutcracker :)


and Chopin's "Nocturne in E Flat"...i think it's E flat...

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I am wanting to learn some classical pieces' date=' but ones that people either recognize or will like. What are some pieces all of you play in the classical category and you like and others do to? Thanks[/quote']


it depends what instrument you're looking for?

piano, violin, etc?

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