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How are you today ???


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im in a errrrrrrrr i dont know what kinda mood im in - yeah im bored ...well i was till i came on here - and im pissed coz my mum is a whinging lil idiot and makes me feel bad coz i've been on here foreva (not really tis an exageration :rolleyes: :lol: laughs @ self) she's now whinging that she has to go up the street (i live in a lil town) and get fucking tomatoes - that pisses me off coz is no big deal and she's making it out to be as if its the end of the world! - at least we have tomatoes - i hate it when ppl dont realise that theres bigger problems than wots going on in their own life - then i feel bad coz its what they're used 2 and u cant really blame them - does that make sense? yeah im in a better mood now that i've posted a few messages here and read all the stuff u guys have to say! :)

AnnD! i mite be able 2 start d/l songs again - that makes me feel so happy! :P

ok that was long ...sorry ! :/

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