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Can somebody help me?

Sweet One

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personaly if you really like this guy that much and your friend is just having fun with him , then i would tell your friend how you really feel about him and see what happens from there .

hope it all works out for you laura ;) oh and by the way ( Hi how ya doing )

your ( radiohead buddy )




HTTT :sneaky:

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Chris!! Hey radiohead buddy! I'm good! i'm super busy with work, but it's all good! How are you?? I haven't talked to you for a while, eh? wow!! Hope you're good and thanks for the advice!!


Thanks everyone...


She was flirting...like HARDCORE flirting, if you know what i mean :wink3: . Oh, and Tom, i'm a gutless wimp too sometimes, that's why i needed advice..haha :D

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if she likes him too then trouble.


personally i'd find out how she feels before you say anything, if she likes him and the flirting isn't a game, keep out. After-all she would have made a 1st attempt, and she is your friend.


Of course if it's just for fun, let her know how you feel and then maybe talk it through with her, and then see how it goes

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I like someone but one of my friends kinda made a move on him and it's like.... . Do I tell her? or do i just let it be...i mean...it's not like he was fighting it or anything...


Did she know about your feelings before she moved on him? If so .... then that's REALLY bad, especially if you guys didn't talk about it previously.


If not, then I don't think there's much you should do, but I don't think it would be the worst thing if you just honestly told your friend how you felt about this guy. It could avoid a lot of awkardness in the future even if it causes an uncomfortable moment in telling her.

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