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Bummer! Danish Gaffa awards were scooped away by the band Kashmir. Too bad, TFSF was nominated for five awards! Kashmir took five home :( I love Kashmir, but I think that TRSF's new album was better than Trespassers. So, also they should have won this year best band and best hit.


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I think Kashmir deserved them more. They have been around much longer and Trespassers is a great album, whilst the full length album of TRSF kinda was a let-down to me


No wonder, you only lreally liked like 3 songs on the first EP :/

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It sounds so different than their debut but also so different than their EP. It's darker and more atmospheric. They got rid of the acoustic guitar so don't expect anything like The Balcony, but if you like Cocteau Twins or the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, you'll looooove this!

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More studio versions :}


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBQ5ODRN9MI&feature=em-subs_digest-newavtr]Dead Ends - Studio Session - YouTube[/ame]


This is definitely my favourite album this year :wacky:

They are playing a concert nearby next week :bomb:

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