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Memories of Coldplaying


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When I read these pages it feels like I haven't been part of anything. :blank:

But I'll try.



And when I became friends with all you people on here. :wacko:

And the Absolute Radio listening party, along with the Wembley thread. That night was crazy.


...and oh, the Hope for Haiti night was crazy too.

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Guest LiquidSky



Let's see...I have a bunch!


AnIe (although I do still get messages from him but he doesn't talk! :snobby: )


Vanessa! I miss her! She was great. She send me an autograph.

crazy pervy Lea & her innocent b/f!:laugh3:

Denisse & Tanith and her crush :nice:

Dorian's podcast and Simon's and the other guy James he is so funny! Angie's awesome adventures.

x&y crazyness! :dizzy:

experiencing Talk (leaked) with Jon Jbabe :nice:.


I remember all the fights :dizzy2:

and oh let me mention Shaun 'cause I know he's going to ask me why I didn't mention him. He's great! :P

Nicko's disturbing pictures (you do not want to see btw).

I remember the multimedia crazyness! :dizzy2:

and cpying big brother:laugh3:

There's also photolive blog from the official site and we kept refreshing the page & I had a hard time keeping up with everyone posting!

and oh! that reminds me of coldplay's page to keep visiting to decode the code for x&y!!!:o (so you can imagine everyone kept refreshing nonstop and then we discovered... voila! :idea2: firefox adds on! Kept refreshing every 5 secs :wink: :laugh3:)

Guy's awesome twitts!!!

Chloe's cute Jonny with his daughter pixs :nice:

I remember Gwynepoo!! & the goldbag lady:P

I remember Lore meeting the guys :nice:

The postcards project :blush: and the video-gift made for us..

Briggs fangirl coming out!:laugh3:

Discovering new music with awesome Aaron!

I remember Thom,Tom & eric (mycdplayerisbroken), Laura, Kyle, fif, kristen,bart moving to Spain, Ryan's myxomatosis, Ari's awesome poetry & Karla's never ending questions to Ian.


Letting everyone spam the lounge and getting in trouble for it later shhhhhh!!! :lipsrsealed2:


oh! I remember Ode to Deodorant :laugh3:

and that reminds me Albie & of me discovering that not everyone had the same version that I had of Harmless which btw you do not want to know how I got that track! I was going through my cpcraze! :dizzy2: & then after I shared it, everybody else took credit for it! :snobby: but I was happy to share as I was also happy to get the vlv demos thanks, thanks for that! :nice:

all the cpying awards,

cresty's insane post account (she's a postwhore now)

Kelso, chuck, & Jen and Caroline leprechaun!!!!!!:laugh3:

Ricky! Asking me for cpying prom date!

and Ellen,Maria, having a crazy dream with Sofia!

Ian getting married!!!!!:blush: and then announcing Jen was pregnant! :nice:

I always knew they would have a baby boy first although they kept on having me guess because they wouldn't say! :bomb:

and Cha's awesome drawings and keychain!

Min & Mim :nice:

Cris meeting Chris :nice:

& Chris (not Martin) viva's podcast :D

& the other Simon (who no longer visits),

tracie's music,

Gareth's music :blush:

and! Apple! We all kinda went crazy when we found out that Gwyneth was pregnant but it was more crazy when we found out that they had decided to name her Apple (the forum went crazy)



ummm I think I wrote just about enough now:embarrassed::embarrassed::embarrassed: cause I will keep going! :curtain:

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