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Do people really shave their toes/feet?

The Mad Hatter

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My mom told me that I shouldn't use a razor to shave my wittle moustache, but it's so long since I'm Mexican, and picking one by one hurts to damn much.

When I started doing that, I had red eyes for like a week.


Shaving my stache' doesn't look so bad afterwards, though I don't want those little black dots, if they ever start to come out one day.

I'm thinking of waxing now..

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ITS SUCH A FUCKING PAIN I always have to pluck there and it hurts so freaking bad. I really want to just start waxing it.


Haha, I tried those Smooth Away things awhile ago, but those suck. :tongue:

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On the other note, DO NOT USE NAIR ON FACE.

Makes it all red :sick:


EDIT: ^ Yah exactly, I used those for my legs, but it's like using a razor, only that it smells worse, hurts more, takes a longer time, and if there still some hair there, you're fucked, try again and it will get all red.

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My bff shaves her eyebrows, cuz she has insanely sensitive skin and she bleeds when she tweezes or waxes them. It's so funny when she comes to school with part of her eyebrow penciled in because she accidently shaved it off. :lol:

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my ex (was only with her for a few weeks) was freaked out by hairs on feet. i don't think she ever saw mine. they aren't really hairy or anything, just have hair on them.


hair is nothing to be embarrassed about girls. the human body is beautiful in all it's forms.


With the exception of Serena Williams!:P

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