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If a guy rapes a chick with AIDS does he deserve AIDS or what


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pretty sure most people are going to say yes, but this just popped in my head so let's see people talk about it


and to raise the stakes morally a little bit:


If a guy gets an STD from raping somebody, does he deserve to not be allowed treatment for said STD? (assuming there is something that's limiting the amount of STD treatment you can give out or whatever)

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If a guy rapes a girl with AIDS, that's his own damn fault, and he must pay the price for it. At the same time, however, not even a rapist should be denied medical treatment if they are ill. It would be inhumane of us to not do something about it. By letting him die in that horrible way, in a sense, it makes us no better than he is.

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i don't believe in karma, but he should be punished as the law states (though perhaps harsher as i feel that the majority of rapists get relatively low sentences in this country) and should be allowed treatment, because alongside the right to a criminal defence lawyer it was one of the basic rights of a human being, regardless of what they have done.


also if the judicial system had failed (which of course happens) how pissed off would you be that as well as the prison sentence you contracted something that without treatment can lead to infertility? i think i'd consider suicide very seriously if i was in that position.



edit: also lol at the word chick. didn't know you were johnny bravo

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