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I want to be a dad and RIGHT NOW!


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i'm tired of this stage, its stupid.


(edit) most girls i've been dating are stupid, some of them are superficial..some people are immature..studying is awful, all i want is to be a dad right now, i just wanna close my eyes and open them with a wife who loves me and a sweet beautiful cute son RIGHT NOW..i guess it would be the best feeling ever..


well..everything has its time, but im just sharing with you guys what i'm currently feeling!

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having a child would be the best thing ever but i wouldn't want one now. if i did have one now i would be delighted and the happiest person ever, but ideally not for a good few years. take things slower. wait for a loving relationship. wait until you are in a position to look after the child. wait until you are mature enough and have learned enough to pass things on to your child. ideally speaking. you may not be enjoying the stage you are at but that doesn't mean it will not shape you as a person and influence your outlook on things. take these experiences and learn from that, but don't wish everything to fall into place without effort. the search for a loving partner is amazing and shouldn't be wishes away. try and channel your frustration for good and seek out a person with similar passions.


if and when i have a child i want to show them the beauty of the world, open them up to the best music and literature and take them to the park to play football and make them laugh. i reckon i'd be a great dad on that side of things. i do worry a lot about fucking up though.

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you're right Braddock...i bet normal people will give much more love to these children then Madonna or whatever...

but well they have the money.


Beyoncé wanted to go to the Mali but the government didn't wanted her in their country because she is too vulgar. :laugh3:

well done!


i'm talking about the girls i have been dating ahlem, not all of them are the same of course. ;)


i know you're not such a bad guy, just wanted to post something!! :P

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just keep searching. you can't be expected to get it right first time, but there's a few billion of them out there to choose from.


it's so early to choose the right one, mate ;) i'm 21 and i guess the convenable age to be a father is 30..


wow.. that would be the best feeling ever..

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You're missing his point completely, I feel.


He's not saying he wants to have kids NOW, he's saying he is sick of playing games in relationships that go nowhere, which is to be expected at his age (the not going anywhere bit I mean)


He's just saying he wishes he could skip into the future where everything was sorted out for him, he knows he'll find someone eventually, he's just saying he doesn't enjoy the state of limbo he is in.


He's not seeking to impregnate someone ASAP.

you're missing my point completely, i feel


i know what he said, but there isn't a button he can press to go to the future and everything is sorted. so far in the thread i've said he just needs to keep searching and enjoying the experiences he has. then i asked if there was anybody he could think of whom he might be able to share something special with. that didn't mean, know of anyone you can get pregnant? just someone he has things in common with and might be able to start a relationship with.

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