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I just think it is lame how Pitchfork/Rolling Stone/NME etc. only ever focus on the same Canadian bands when there are so many Canadian bands and albums that fly under the radar but are better.


Like Zeus. I don't get how more people haven't picked up on them!

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I'll try! haha

Also check out anything short listed for the Polaris. usually good stuff. I saw the Besnard Lakes in Quebec City two nights ago and was blown away. Had never listened to them before but went since I had a pass and because they were Polaris nominated.

I'm torn this year. So many good albums nominated.

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I don't even know what she has done with them. Not too much though, I was just using that to get people's attention.


Check out Some Are Lakes. That song completely floored me first listen.

Some Are Lakes is such a fantastic song. :heart:

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