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Is it possible to put music onto iTunes off of an iPod?


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don't sync it :lol:


I downloaded something before for doing that but I can't remember it's name,

I'm such a great help :laugh4:

I remember that it was a trail version cause I only had it for 30 days and could do just 15 songs at a time.



I had a way of doing it before with my old ipod and computer

but all song files are named like "XUD8897" so you don't know which one is which and you'd have to list to them to find out which one is which.

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Music Rescue[/url] and it works pretty good, the only thing is that on the trial version you have to click OK (or something like that) on a window every 50 songs.


Thank you for recommending this! I've tried every program under the sun and this one worked like a charm! :D

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