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DID Presents: The Battle of the Album – The Decades - 1970s - The Results


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102-8 off the wall by Michael Jackson

102-8 roxy music by Roxy Music

102-8 Maggot Brain by Funkadelic

102-8 Apostrophe by Frank Zappa

102-8 Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young and Crazy Horse

107-6 the madcap laughs by Syd Barret

107-6 Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan

107-6 Band on the Run by Paul McCartney & Wings

107-6 LA Woman by The Doors

111-4 quadrophenia by The Who

111-4 la cage aux oiseaux by Pierre Perret

111-4 New York Dolls by New York Dolls

111-4 Diamond Dogs by David Bowie

111-4 The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie

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76-18 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by John Williams

76-18 Pink Flag by Wire

76-18 Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones

76-18 Venus & Mars by Paul McCartney & Wings

76-18 New Skin For Old Ceremony by Leonard Cohen

76-16 i robot by The Alan Parsons Project

76-16 power in the darkness by Tom Robinson Band

76-16 What's Going On by Marvyn Gaye

84-14 crises, what crises? by Supertramp

84-14 die mensch maschine by Kraftwerk

84-14 brel by Jaques Brel

84-14 who's next by The Who

84-14 Singles Going Steady by Buzzcocks

84-14 Animals by Pink Floyd

84-14 American Woman by The Guess Who

84-14 Heroes by David Bowie

92-12 pyramid by The Alan Parsons Project

92-12 the kick inside by Kate Bush

92-12 #1 Record by Big Star

92-12 Harvest by Neil Young

92-12 solid air by John Martyn

97-10 eve by The Alan Parsons Project

97-10 l'homme à tête de chou by Serge Gainsbourg

97-10 tea for the tillerman by Cat Stevens

97-10 Blue by Joni Mitchell

97-10 Station To Station by David Bowie

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53- 28 houses of the holy by Led Zeppelin

53- 28 Close to the Edge by yes

53-28 Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

56-26 radio-activity by Kraftwerk

56-26 kimono my house by Sparks

56-26 Before And After Science by Brian Eno

59-24 tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

59-24 parallel lines by Blondie

59-24 hotel california by Eagles

59-24 this year's model by Elvis Costello

59-24 Morrison Hotel by The Doors

59-24 Loaded by The Velvet Underground

65-22 force majeure by Tangerine Dream

65-22 red by King Crimson

65-22 in the city by The Jam

65-22 Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones

65-22 Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin

65-22 The Idiot by Iggy Pop

71-20 crime of the century by Supertramp

71-20 taking tiger mountain (by strategy) by Brian Eno

71-20 On The Beach by Neil Young

71-20 The Yes Album by Yes

71-20 Funhouse by The Stooges

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29- 38 autobahn by Kraftwerk

29- 38 histoire de melody nelson by Serge Gaingsbourg

29- 38 stormbringer by John & Beverley Martyn

29- 38 Another Green World by Brian Eno

33- 36 abraxas by Carlos Santana

33- 36 drums and wires by XTC

33- 36 bryter layter by Nick Drake

33- 36 Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk

33- 36 Mind Games by John Lennon

38- 34 incantations by Mike Oldfield

38- 34 zombie by Fela Kuti

38- 34 the man-machine by Kraftwerk

38- 34 Walls & Bridges by John Lennon

42- 32 machine head by Deep Purple

42- 32 one step beyond by Madness

42- 32 horses by Patti Smith

42- 32 Radio City by Big Star

42- 32 Cosmo's Factory by Creedance Clearwater Revival

47- 30 masters of reality by Black Sabbath

47- 30 running on empty by Jackson Browne

47- 30 warren zevon by Warren Zevon

47- 30 Tago Mago by Can

47- 30 McCartney by Paul McCartney

47- 30 The Clash by The Clash

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11- 74 transformer by Lou Reed

12- 72 goodbye yellow brick road by Elton John

13- 70 songs of love and hate by Leonard Cohen



14- 64 wish you were here by Pink Floyd

14- 64 Aladdin Sane by David Bowie


16- 56 plastic ono band by john lennon

17- 50 bridge over troubled water by simon & garfunkel

17- 50 selling england by the pound by genesis

17- 50 Ram


20- 48 Marquee Moon by Television

21- 46 never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols by Sex Pistols

22- 44 led zeppelin 4 by Led Zeppelin

22- 44 oxygene by Jean Michel jarre

24- 40 in concert by The Doors

24- 40 Low by David Bowie

24- 40 imagine by John Lennon

24- 40 Meddle by Pink Floyd

24- 40 Raw Power by Iggy Pop

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