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The Lea Shores (from Peckham City, London)


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“The Everly Brothers after a brutal kidnapping episode featuring back-to-back Woodstock weekends with Spiritualized” CHIMP MAGAZINE


“Emanating from the depths of South London and shrouded in swathes of dense guitars and epic, symphonic string arrangements…an epic, powerful evocation of psychedelic rocks traditions drawing on swirling walls of sound, ghostly harmony singing and emotive, hypnotic melodies.” ROUGH TRADE


“The Lea Shores have come out of nowhere and dropped an album which grips from the start, providing forty-seven minutes of heart swelling, life affirming, arms in the air anthemic beauty.” NARC MAGAZINE


“The massed voices, strings and airy production smack of contemporary post-rock, as if Sigur Ros had tried their best to make a pop album” MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS


“Blissed-out psychedelia with festival-friendly anthems” NME


“The Lea Shores are my favourite new band… I saw them supporting the Brian Jonestown Massacre in Stockholm and was hooked straight away. The music is psychedelic and layered…distorted guitars and harmonies but underneath it’s almost folk music. They should be big…they’re already fucking epic!” ANDY BELL (OASIS)


“…Evokes faraway ethereal places with sweeping soundscapes created by guitars and violins, which are topped-off with the dreamiest of vocal harmonies. Go check them out – this band collects fans wherever they go” CLASH


"Upcoming groups like Peckham's fancied THE LEA SHORES deftly showcase their wares..." UNCUT


“This is a gargantuan psychedelic master-class that is both shamanic and hallucinatory. Their colossal walls-of-sound with string-laden, pastoral, almost druidic folk undertones will be the sound of 2009; prepare for their forthcoming Ben Hillier-produced LP.” SHOT BY BOTH SIDES




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