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Debs is writing a book?


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Well, as an update for y'all, as mentioned above I did send a question to the Oracle. Obviously, no answer yet, and since it's been almost a month since I asked I highly doubt she'll answer. I copied my question before I sent it, here it is:


Dearest super-duper awesome Oracle,

The other day I was looking at an old thread over on Coldplaying.com regarding Matt McGinn's Roadie book. http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58608&page=3 Amidst the thread there was a side-discussion that Debs Wild ; ) was working on a book/novel, and it was tentatively scheduled to be published in September 2010. Since I haven't noticed anything posted here from Anchorman regarding this, I'm assuming a September 2010 release won't happen. My question... is Debs' book still in the works? If so, might it be published sometime in 2011?

Thanks, Carrie

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