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  1. Hi Ellen! How are you? What is new?? I haven't talked to you in ages! Actually this is the first time I have logged on to coldplaying in a few months! Are you enjoying married life? :)

  2. What have I gotten myself into...? I was happy about everything until yesterday, but now I'm not sure what to think...
  3. The 3:30 AM fire alarm in my dorm, and then having to climb up 26 flights of stairs to get back to my room afterwards. NOT.
  4. Thanks! That's great about you too...even if it is long-distance for now, it is better than nothing! :nice:
  5. ^ My close guy friend and I decided to start a relationship yesterday :blush: I've liked him all year, and I never thought he would feel the same way but apparently he does!!
  6. I'm happy today because of what happened yesterday: My closest guy friend who I have been in love with all year told me yesterday that he likes me too! He told me in kind of a cryptic way at breakfast yesterday, and then last night we went for a walk to talk about it (we both agree that it is a bad idea to tell all of our friends right away, because we don't want to make it weird for everyone. Plus he said that all of the guys in the group have a crush on me and we don't want to hurt them). Anyways we have decided to start a relationship, just slow for now and we aren't going to tell our
  7. I can hardly believe it...this is too good to be true :heart: But it is true, so I am the luckiest girl alive!!!!
  8. Can't you tell that I am completely in love with you? You're so preoccupied with other girls....can you not see that I am right in front of you? :(
  9. Why does everything always go wrong? It feels like nothing ever works out for me anymore. :cry:
  10. That my close guy friend, who I am completely in love with, likes someone else. I was so stupid for thinking that he might actually like me back.
  11. This is exactly how I am feeling right now. Truer words have never been spoken. .:cry:
  12. I'm so stupid. Who was I to ever think that someone like him would be interested in me? At least now I know he likes someone else. I can at least try to stop wasting my time. But somehow I don't think I will ever get over him </3
  13. I successfully played a hilarious prank on some of my friends. So I was happy for a bit, until everything came crashing down a few hours ago :bigcry:
  14. Ah this is going to be a difficult conversation! :P I'm too shy about these things.
  15. -2C but feels like -8C. It's snowing really lightly too :)
  16. Haha sounds good! :P Hopefully there won't be many updates lol
  17. I'm going to miss him so much! :bigcry: 11 days is going to feel like an eternity.
  18. The guy that I like is going to Vancouver for reading break, so today he gave me a hug before he left. :blush:
  19. Oh my god, I had forgotten about when he videotaped me! :bigcry: So I haven't updated my thread for a while, but he basically left my group of friends after an argument with someone. And he is blatantly ignoring me now (apparently because he thinks I am ignoring him - which I'm not, I say hello when I see him and try to be civil!). Today I found out that he is spreading rumours around that I am basically an arrogant, proud, stuck-up bitch! Yesterday when I was in class, all my friends were eating lunch when he came over to them and was basically crying and telling them how horrible I was.
  20. I hate Pitbull, but I'm not gonna lie - I love International Love, Give Me Everything, and Rain Over Me. :shame:
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