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do you get too emotional often?

Gitta Rensolo

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(edit: esp. in front of other people...?)



I don't know


I was having this thought on my mind soome minutes ago that many girls (most of the time girls...) get too emotional about certain things...like when they meet a guy for example who gave them their number they go to their best friend and need a whole evening just to talk about that guy and they are like "ahhhhh uhhhh...omg.....I am so hyper right now...I can't believe ahhhh...." argh I don't know....I might be totally prejudiced haha....I hope anyone even gets what I mean and I hope what I am trying to explain has even to do with the title...


I just really want to know if I am too rational sometimes and if this is a good thing or not...I mean whenever something happens to me where I could get super hyper I am just like yeah at first, because I think a lot about both sides...might be a reason why some people sometimes think I am a rather cold person...I think I can only act really emotional when my emotions are real and come from deep inside and when I am super sure about something...I think there are so many people out there who act super emotional although they don't really feel it THAT strong...


so, another question is: Do you easily take actions out of emotions or do you think of the consequences first?


I remember when I quit uni 2 years ago....I knew for some months that this is actually not the right thing for me, but I never really mentioned it....so after all I might have quit it quite sudden for some people....this is a big example actually.....there are sooo many other examples I could mention here, but they don't come to my mind right now...


I don't even know if the stuff I am writing here makes any sense at all, because I am confusing myself right now with this haha....it makes me torn about myself again...wow

because there are situations coming to my mind right now where I might have acted or act too emotional, but I am not sure....


to get to the beginning again....I met that guy at a party some months ago...he gave me his number and we said we wanted to see each other again...I am not sure but I think many other girls would have been like "ahhhhhhhhhh omg omg omg...." esp. towards their best friend....I was just like "yeah well...I met that guy he gave me his number we will probably see each other again and yeah well I was drunk I kissed him, but not seriously" her answer was: "ahhhhhhh omg omg omg....tell me tell me tell me!".....and I was just like "yeah well....I don't know"....haha I think deep inside I knew anyways that he was an asshole who lied to me and that we will never meet again...which is the truth (I am so happy that I knew that before actually haha...)


well, the question should probably be: Do you get too emotional sometimes about certain things and do you talk about what is happening to you quite soon with your friends although you are not 100% sure about them?




ahhhh whatever


if this is doesn't make any sense or you just do not bother to read then fuck this post and answer my question


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Well, it kind of depends. I'm not that emotional around other people, reallly. I'm usually more emotional when I'm by myself.


But I'm bipolar, so it would depend on what epsiode I'm going through and what the situation I'm in is. I'm usually good with hiding my condition though, so yeah.

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Do you easily take actions out of emotions or do you think of the consequences first?

i think of consequences first, and i end regretting it most than when i act first. :\ mostly cause when i think of consequences i end not doing a thing.


i used to be more rational, and still i am, but at times i'm like a crazy teen when things get on me too easily and i burst it. :uhoh: i hate it.

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I'm pretty good at hiding how I really feel and I rarely get too emotional ... I actually only let the people around me see when I'm happy, but not when I'm sad.

So, I guess I don't really get too emotional, except when I'm alone and hear/read something nice about me. :P

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We should all be like Iker and show our emotions to the entire world! Literally.

priceless moment of World Cup winning:



me being abroad, and my cousin texting me like a crazy, saying: 'iker has just smooched her girl on tv while she interiew him, aww so cute'

:lol: that was crazy.


thought i would prefer much more my dad would had bet opposite: if we lose i quit smoking, if we win i shave my beard. :confused:


^spoiler couse is off-topic.


i'm as hard as a stone to cry, i mean i hardly hardly cry, but then i can get emotional with some movie or tv report (those last months), and then with my life i'm like :| at times, even if something is very lovely or really sad. :\

except when i finally explode it all. :worried: and can be weirdly emotional for a week, weirdly as bipolar.

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Speaking of being emotional, my worst fear (well, one of them) is crying in public. Oh god, the horror.


that happened to me once:


my best friend, another friend and me went to a shop in the city....we were talking and my best friend had some serious shit going on with her boyfriend....she was in a really bad mood I wanted to help her, but whenever this girl getsinto a bad mood she is REALLY hard to handle....so she got everything I said wrong....and in the end we were standing in front of the shop and we were discussing something and she felt so helpless and I felt so helpless because I obviously couldn't help her and then she started crying and I started crying, too and we hugged each other while we were crying...and the city was full of people....I never thought this could happen to me...it was really strange...but it was the moment I realised that she really means a lot to me

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I'm not that emotional around other people except my best friend, but when I'm on my own, oh god I'm so emotional.

Yesterday I cried and cried because I killed a scary spider in my room. And I felt bad for taking it's life because it wasn't his fault that he had ended up in my room because I left the window open and blahblahblah :blank:

And today I cried because I was listening to Jónsi and it was raining and then a rainbow appeared on the sky :blank:

And I was like ... really happy.


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depends what you've been talking about?


Yossarian repeats, she was talking AT Yossarian, Yossarian just sort of said 'Yes' and 'Hmmm' and 'Okay, I understand', every twenty minutes or so. And she called Yossarian! What, should Yossarian have said "DON'T CALL ME IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND YOU WILEY SLUT", and hung up the phone? Yossarian is not that rude! :inquisitive:


Also, Yossarian does not really want to be anyones boyfriend-in-reserve. It's not Yossarian's fault he is so fucking attraction.

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