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do you get too emotional often?

Gitta Rensolo

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that happened to me once:


my best friend, another friend and me went to a shop in the city....we were talking and my best friend had some serious shit going on with her boyfriend....she was in a really bad mood I wanted to help her, but whenever this girl getsinto a bad mood she is REALLY hard to handle....so she got everything I said wrong....and in the end we were standing in front of the shop and we were discussing something and she felt so helpless and I felt so helpless because I obviously couldn't help her and then she started crying and I started crying, too and we hugged each other while we were crying...and the city was full of people....I never thought this could happen to me...it was really strange...but it was the moment I realised that she really means a lot to me


aww that's so sweet:wacky:


Its very hard for me to show emotion. I can but only to a certain point, then i get uncomfortable. And i always hide my true feelings to people :/


That's exactly what i would say about myself, except my mom always manages to find out how i feel.

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(edit: esp. in front of other people...?)



I don't know


I was having this thought on my mind soome minutes ago that many girls (most of the time girls...) get too emotional about certain things...like when they meet a guy for example who gave them their number they go to their best friend and need a whole evening just to talk about that guy and they are like "ahhhhh uhhhh...omg.....I am so hyper right now...I can't believe ahhhh...." argh I don't know....I might be totally prejudiced haha....I hope anyone even gets what I mean and I hope what I am trying to explain has even to do with the title...



This really creeps me out about girls. I hate the way girls get so into guys and how they care so much about love/relationships, I'll be the first one to tell you that I care more about love and romance more then the average man but I don't base my entire thought process around it.


I also cannot stand it when women judge other women.

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I know. I would say it was one of my faults as I never tell people how I feel - which isn't really a good thing. Mwahaha! I hold many secrets. :D


I wish I was more of a closed fist person, I'm an open palm, I'm much to open and honest with people; I view this as a bad trait.

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