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'Alpha female' Apprentice winner Yasmina, 29, is having a baby with work colleague



By Tom Kelly

Last updated at 11:22 AM on 23rd August 2010



She was dubbed the ultimate ‘Alpha Female’, destined for business greatness, when she won The Apprentice.

Now Yasmina Siadatan must decide whether to put her family ahead of her career after becoming pregnant during a whirlwind romance with a colleague.

The 29-year-old was hired on last year’s series of the BBC1 show by Lord Sugar for a £100,000-a-year business development manager position at his company AMScreen Healthcare.

article-1305175-0AE24285000005DC-455_468x871.jpg Delighted: Apprentice winner Yasmina Siadatan is pregnant after a whirlwind romance with colleague Andrew Hepburn



Weeks after taking the high-powered job she started a relationship with fellow development manager 31-year-old Andrew Hepburn.


She is now four months pregnant and is expected to go on maternity leave at Christmas.







No decision has yet been taken about how long she will have off.

Lord Sugar has previously warned about excessive maternity rights for employees, but is said to be ‘very happy and supportive’ about his new recruit’s pregnancy.






Miss Siadatan began a relationship with Mr Hepburn shortly after starting her £100,000 job



Miss Siadatan, who is known as Mina, said: ‘I feel very lucky. Life is brilliant at the moment.

‘We’re really enjoying everything that comes with it. Things are really good.’


The former restaurateur has moved into Mr Hepburn’s £450,000 flat in South London.

He left AMScreen, which sells digital signs to the NHS, six months ago.

A friend said: ‘Yasmina knew she was taking a risk by getting involved with someone at work, but it just felt right.


article-1305175-041601DE000005DC-145_468x629.jpg The 29-year-old's pregnancy has reportedly been welcomed by Lord Sugar, despite his previous statements which claim maternity laws had gone 'too far'



‘They haven’t been together very long, but they’re delighted about the baby and about setting up home together.

‘At first Mina was worried about what Lord Sugar would say. ‘But you can’t help who you fall for and he has been fine about it.’


Lord Sugar surprised viewers by picking the hard-nosed Miss Siadatan over favourite Kate Walsh during last June’s final, saying that his ‘gut instinct’ told him she was the right choice. article-1305175-0541C708000005DC-686_468x855.jpg

Yasmina Siadatan was hired by Lord Alan Sugar after winning the last series of The Apprentice

Two years ago he courted controversy when he claimed that maternity laws had gone ‘too far’ and put employers off hiring women of childbearing age.

He has also said that bosses must be able to ask women employees about their plans for the future, including having children and childcare arrangements.

But yesterday a spokesman for Lord Sugar said: ‘He is pleased for Yasmina and very supportive.

‘He looks forward to welcoming her back when she is ready.’

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