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Guerra (Huelga) General... General Strike Yea.. !


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Good morning/afternoon or dear colleagues.

We, as your workers representatives would like to inform you that on Wednesday the 29/09/2010 there will be a national strike in Spain as the government has decided arbitrary modifications of the labour conditions and pension ones.

The reasons why it will take place are the following:

A-wages in the public sector will be reduced and frozen.

B/Public spending such as: education, health and Safety, public transports, will be reduced drastically.

C/2% extra of the vat from July onwards.

D/Extra advantages for employees will also be reduced.

E/changes in your working positions, conditions or working shifts won't need to be agreed with the workers anymore.

F/dismissals of employees will be made easier and cheaper for companies.

G/The retirement age will be extended to 67.

The consequences for each and every one of us on the 29/09/2010 will be:

路 Coming here to work might turn out to be very complicated as it is expected that public transportation will be almost non existent.

路 Think about sharing cars, getting a bike, walking etc OR:

Going on strike is for your information a legal right

But bare in mind that if you do so, this day will be deducted from your wages and you'll probably loose 1 restaurant ticket (4.20 euros of value).

In case that you need further information you can find it on the internet or ...

any doubt or clarification feel free to contact us.


Great we all going on strike...

pity I dont thiink the goverment here really has an option...

It should still be fun

:kiss: Cheers Ari

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well i don't think it will cause much effect on the current situation in my opinion it comes late, as main reason people would had got on strike should ahd been the vat thing and they didn't.

i worry more for the centre area mine's strike, they are cutting the motorways and causing damages.

it can go to much worst really.

about working changes, yes is a shame what is happening, but nobody came with much different ideas imo. :\

good point is bosses can no longer use a worker as stage/trainee for longer than 3 years anymore.

you'll follow it then?

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Its gonna be intresting. I am also a little worried.

Parts of Barcelona, with the grafiti about the strike, seems like a scence out of a doomesday type film.

I have to work till the morning of the 29 S. (I work nights)

I have been told I am allowed to on strike. From midnight.

However I will have a days pay taken off me. Plus I will have to get home with no way of getting back.

I will have to make my mind up at the time, in what I am going to do.

It may be dangrous for me to work, as we have been told there will be a piquet line. However there is a strong chance for me, they will only be there in the daytime. However if there is I dont think I will be able to cross it.

A have a friend he is a taxi driver, my boss asked if he could take some of my colleuges to work and back, he said if he was to work, he would likley get his taxi damaged. by strikers.

I have also heard stories with people going into bars and shops requesting they close.

People will have to make sure they get things the day before the strike, as it will be like a fiesta and nothng is open.

I may have to work 10 km to get home.

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for what i know, here law is like that.

you have you right to go on strike but you won't be payed that day if you do so, i think for long strikes or some job sectors you will be punished with the double of money you would had earn that day. i can be a bit wrong :thinking:

yes sindicates want to paralize Madrid and Barcelona as are the biggest cities to get more repecusion about the matter (as they wanted no international flights in Madrid the whole day).

ah so that hear happened not only here, interesting to know.

funny thing here it was a pensionist woman... so i don't know what her benefit is.

like a bad fiesta i'd say.

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first, war (guerra) is not Strike!! NOOO!

Huelga/Vaga (in catalan) is Strike.

Yesterday was a strange day here... i didn't have clases and there were.... i don't know how to say it "piquetes" people who wants that everybody does strike and don't allow people to work, mor or less

It was hard in BCN a police car was fired...

I don't know how this is gonna end...

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?? Manifesto: manifestaci贸n? o Fiesta?

manifestaci贸n para huelga (vaga en catalan)

o como una fiesta mala...

I dont know how it will end neither, we have a problem in barcelona with the antisemitmas, but also the police are evil here...

these students only have books


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It must be only Barcelona that really has a problem. ( THEY ARE CATLAN, they want to be different... personally I like that )

There is a lot of extreme left people here, I knew ,my friends also knew going to the center of barcelona would have been dangrous, outside of that nothing happend, all I heard was one person who was paro, shout at a demonstration that was passing, " you are lucky you have work, I have nothing, fuck you

However the city did feel really strange, on this day, and I will remember 29-S as I date, like a marking point. I think this is only the start of more problems to come..

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