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Coldplay 2.0

Forza Roma

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Now that it apparently seems that Coldplay will reinvent their music style, I have one question.


While I really like songs like Moses, I really like this song, don't get me wrong, but will the old Coldplay still be there? Will there still be slow paced piano songs like Trouble, Amsterdam and The Scientist? Will there still be the same passionate lovedrunk songs like Green Eyes that is the special thing about Coldplay? Please, don't only have the new, rockier band, I want the piano to still be the main instrument...

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hmmm... yeah, i agree. Coldplay's piano songs are the best, but i guess they're right when they say that they need to change their style a lil bit and sound a lil rockier. Cos if they sound exactly the same as the previous album, the new one will get old really fast. But if they create something different and new, the next album is gonna live for much longer.

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