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The Rally To Restore Sanity/The March to Keep Fear Alive.


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I don't know if this belongs here or in News but whatever, mods can move it. :nice:



Thursday, September 16th... Jon Stewart finally makes his announcement that will cure impotence.




The Rally to Restore Sanity. The entire thing, if you don't usually watch Jon, has been built up with his Glenn Beck parodies and high coverage of extremist protests and Republicans saying Democrats are destroying the country, when Jon proclaims that it's quite the opposite. He's trying to tell Republicans to shut the fuck up, basically.


Then, ten minutes later, Stephen Colbert makes his announcement. The Rally to Keep Fear Alive. Basically, the complete opposite of what Jon's doing. Except they're doing this at the exact same place on the exact same day.


October 30, 2010. Washington, D.C. on the National Mall. It's time to speak up, those of you who don't have time to run to rallies and scream at people you don't disagree with. Because you have a life, and you care about things but don't put Hitler moustaches on every person you don't like.


Please go. If you do, you can hook up with me. I'll definitley be there.



October 30, 2010. See you there.

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