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Four dead including young child after woman goes on gun rampage in Germany


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Four dead including young child after woman goes on gun rampage in Germany



By Allan Hall

Last updated at 10:18 PM on 19th September 2010




Four people are dead after a woman opened fire at a flat and then in a hospital in Germany last night before police shot her dead in a hail of bullets.

A child is among the victims at the St. Elisabeth Hospital in the town of Lörrach in Baden-Wuerttemberg - not far from the site of the Winnenden massacre in March last year when teenaged gunman Tim Kretschmer killed 15 people with his father’s handgun before taking his own life.

According to the local Badische Zeitung newspaper there was a 'loud explosion' around 6pm local time in a building opposite the hospital.

article-1313435-0B42BA7D000005DC-181_468x312.jpg Shootout: Firemen at the Elisabethen Krankenhaus, Loerrach, where a woman went on a gun rampage earlier today


Photographs showed smoke pouring from the building as firemen raced to the scene.

But the fire brigade personnel were initially unable to tackle the blaze as they heard shots and took cover.

Two bodies - a woman and a child - were later found in the burned-out apartment and police said later they were certain the hospital shooter was responsible.

'We were playing with the children in the garden when there was a huge explosion that shook the house,' said Ayed Centinier, who lives in the apartment block next door.

There was no immediate explanation as to motive.

The female killer then moved through wards at the hospital, shooting at staff and patients with a sub-machine gun.

At least one police officer was hurt in the incident with a shot to the knee. At least one other person was seriously wounded by the woman.

She shot dead a male nurse before hitting the policeman, who was at the hospital on a private matter and not part of the response team. He was in critical condition last night.

article-1313435-0B42B894000005DC-262_468x286.jpg Police said it was still unclear how many people had been killed: The woman is understood to have shot herself dead


It was as she opened fire on police who stormed the hospital after staff rang the emergency number that officers returned shots and she was killed.

There was no immediate indication about a motive, nor whether the woman was a patient at the hospital.

'We have dead and we have wounded but the situation is confused at present,' said a police spokesman.

The entire area around the hospital was cordoned off by armed políce units in the minutes after the shooting started.

Lorrach, close to the Swiss border, is a city of 48,000 people twinned with Chester in the UK.

The 220 bed Catholic hospital has a centre for children, a specialist gynaecological unit and an intensive care station for premature babies as well as a psychiatric unit for troubled youngsters.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1313435/German-hospital-shooting-Many-dead.html#ixzz1036Hi7ec

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