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Coldplay A - Z


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OK. If I were to make a post for a certain blog I own that contiained 26 Coldplay songs, one for each letter of the alphabet, what would each one be? I tried to pick the best/most important song for each letter, but I want to know if you agree with my choices. So here they go...tell me if you think one should be changed. Also, according to my iPod, "a"s and "the"s don't count in titles. :P


A - Amsterdam

B - Brothers & Sisters

C - Clocks

D - Don't Panic

E - Easy to Please OR Everything's not Lost)

F - Fix You

G - God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

H - the Hardest Part

I - In My Place

J - (Nothing. We'll have to improvise.)

K - (Also nothing, unforunately.)

L - Life in Technicolor II OR Lovers in Japan

M - Moses

N - Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground

O - One I Love

P - Politik

Q - Don Quixote --- (This one might be stretching it a little)

R - a Rush of Blood to the Head

S - the Scientist OR Speed of Sound

T - Trouble

U - (Can't think of one)

V - Viva la Vida --- (I'm almost put Violet Hill, but in the end Viva is more important.)

W - White Shadows OR a Warning Sign OR What If

X - X & Y

Y - Yellow

Z - (There isn't one. Maybe "Lost + (With Jay-Z)", but that's only if I'm desperate.


Opinions appreciated. It's just going to be a blog post with a little tidbit on each song from A - Z.

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