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What Fundamental Interaction Do You Think Personifies You The Best?


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Haha okay.


Gravity is what all mass does to all other mass and makes mass comes closer cuz it bends space-time n shit. You're probably familiar with it. It gives weight to stuff.


Electricity is the stuff in lights, so it encompasses the behavior of light as well. Light and electricity behave really similarly. Magnetism attracts things with opposite charges and repels things with the same charges. Magnetism can be unified with it mathematically so they can be thought of as the same thing. It's way more powerful than gravity but we don't tend to think of it that way because most things are electrically neutral (equal amounts of positive and negative charges) so there isn't much net charge so the electromagnetic force doesn't act very powerfully between them. Additionally cuz the Earth is quite big and we don't have a magnet that big.


Traditionally the weak nuclear force is another one but it's more recently been united with electromagnetism into the electroweak force. The weak nuclear force causes decay in atoms and is the source of radioactivity. It isn't actually weak. It's just weaker than the strong nuclear force.


The strong nuclear force is the force that overcomes gravity to keep the electrically charged bits of atoms together. It's very strong at close ranges (really close ranges) but basically can't be detected at larger ranges. So in a way it isn't particularly strong, as we deal with it in our everyday lives. But without it every little bit of us would go splattering all across the universe so it actually is pree strong.

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