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So like, the sun could have exploded just now and we wouldn't even know until we were all like exter


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It would take longer than 8 minutes because the explosion wouldnt reach the speed of light. You would be blinded even if you were indoors wearing sunglasses with your eyes shut after 8 minutes, then vaporized in an instant by the heat and radiation. This WILL happen at somepoint in the future, but not for a few billion years as the sun is only halfway through its lifespan. Still, its a sad thought that the earth & sun will someday die.

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Assuming the sun blew up this very second, do you think death would be painful? :uhoh: That's the one thing about those cosmic mishaps that scares me: that dying would hurt a lot. In fact, that's what makes me afraid about death. :sad:


If the sun exploded and we did not die because of the explosion, we would die because of the after effects, the lack of energy and light and such.

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