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What freaky things can your body do?

Prince Myshkin

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And my avi... is an inside joke... so never you mind that dear. :kiss:


Hipster Hitler! Funny stuff, that is.


Anyway, I'm not sure if my body can do anything weird. The only special thing I can do deals with my perfect pitch, and that's just something I was born with, so I don't necessarily think that counts. :disappointed:

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Heyyyy....I can put my middle finger and my fore finger close to each other and then I put my ring finger and my little finger close to each other and then I can move the two finger pairs away from each other



I guess nobody else can do that except 30418410 other people on here:awesome:


hahaha this made me lul :wacky:

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What colour is it. Will it match my other one?


Hmm it's really dark brown, almost black. Fabulous looking of course :nice:



ahhh that sucks....I will try another pic then:




I think it's called "vulcan salut" or something like that...(not that I know that, but I read that expression on the net some seconds ago)


haha at least you can do it sofia





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