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The Jezabels (fantastic band from Australia)


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Few bands have made more of the past 12 months than Sydney quartet The Jezabels.


Since releasing their second EP, She’s So Hard, in November 2009, the four-piece have toured the country supporting Tegan & Sara, Katie Noonan and Josh Pyke, and as headliners in their own right (selling out shows nationally in the process). They’ve watched Hurt Me, the lead single from She’s So Hard, receive heavy rotation on radio in Australia and abroad, a feat also achieved by its follow-up, Easy To Love. Fittingly, The Jezabels have seen their fanbase grow every step of the way – sometimes in the most unexpected places.


“I think the biggest spin-out was when someone from Germany sent us a YouTube clip of them dancing to one of our songs,” grins 23-year-old vocalist Hayley Mary.


There have been lessons learned along the way. The constant touring has, says 24-year-old keyboardist Heather Shannon, made the band – completed by guitarist Sam Lockwood (24) and drummer Nik Kaloper (25) – much tighter. Sharing the stage with Tegan & Sara, they learned how to work the biggest rooms of their career. Best of all, the long hours travelling betweens gigs and the routine of performing every night has solidified the band’s understanding of what it is that makes them tick.


“I think we have a more consolidated idea of ourselves,” nods Mary.


Which brings us to The Jezabels’ new EP, Dark Storm. The third and final release in a trilogy of EPs that began with 2009’s The Man Is Dead, its five songs represent the band’s most confident outing to date – moody, mysterious and epic, yet buzzing with the quartet’s ever-present knack for an irresistible pop hook. Not that writing it was an easy process.


“We had a bit of writer’s block,” offers Mary. “We were all stressing and being passive-aggressive, and then someone said, ‘I’m really worried that this isn’t going to be like Hurt Me!’ It was as obvious as that. And we were all like, ‘Yeah, me too!’ As soon as it was said, it was a lot better. We decided to write whether we had a single or not. We realised we can’t function in that way.”


Freed of such self-imposed pressures and constraints, the band set about crafting an organic and heartfelt collection of tunes – and, in the process, ended up writing arguably their best songs to date.


For the first time in The Jezabels’ career, they allowed the music to grow and evolve in the studio. “We had to put a lot of faith in ourselves working together,” says Shannon.


Experimentation was the key word, with Lockwood employing an eBow on the song A Little Piece, and Kaloper using what Shannon calls “a weird percussion instrument” to summon the sound of thunder in the moving title track. For Mary, the new songs provided her with an opportunity to finetune the lyrical themes that informed the band’s first two EPs.


“I think the themes of gender and romance that people seem to pick up on are there on the first EP, but they’re much more conscious on the second and third. And because we were linking all the EPs together you could do that – it was like, well, it’s a trilogy, so let’s really explore this.”


She is, however, keen to make one thing clear.


“We do think it’s funny how dramatic our songs are, and I think you could misconstrue how seriously we take ourselves. There is happiness in there, but it is really cool to write this epic thing and call it Dark Storm! It’s a really serious name, but it’s obviously very melodramatic.”


With that cleared up, all that’s left now is to head out on the road again. An October tour of America and Canada will be followed by a headlining trek across Australia, culminating with appearances on festivals such as Wave Rock Weekender, Peats Ridge and the Falls Festivals. It’s a long way from The Jezabels’ humble beginnings in a Sydney University band competition in 2007.


“None of us had any expectations at the start of what we were going to do or where we were going to go,” smiles Shannon. “We’ve achieved everything we could have hoped for 10 times over!”






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0xtEmv-67w]YouTube - The Jezabels - A Little Piece[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Cu_oKwY1M]YouTube - 3/3 The Jezabels - Hurt Me @ The Forum #2, Melbourne, VIC 5/12/10[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8Up9VNDNwg&feature=channel]YouTube - 2/2 The Jezabels - Hurt Me + Dedication to T&S @ Tivoli #1, Brisbane, QLD 5/03/10[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2jY1A2Utlg&feature=channel]YouTube - 2/3 The Jezabels - Dark Storm @ The Forum #2, Melbourne, VIC 5/12/10[/ame]

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wooo yay for aus music love :D


they've had a wonderful 2010 so far and will only get bigger over the next couple of years. Hurt Me has been quite the radio hit and really sets the platform for a highly anticipated debut LP.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INaPSKmImbQ&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - The Jezabels - Hurt Me [OFFICIAL VIDEO][/ame]


here is the latest from them.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTpVrkl-bS4&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL]YouTube - Mace Spray [OFFICIAL VIDEO][/ame]


they sound a bit too much like Howling Bells for me. but thats my only criticism.

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Are you a drummer by any chance Dejan? Or just fond of drums? I've noticed you enjoy bands with good drummers (bloc party, foals, etc.)


I was a drummer "back in the days"......that's why i'm kinda 'obsessed' with bands with GOOD drummers.

Remember: "You are only as good as your drummer"

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love them. the debut album was good without being brilliant but they are a really excellent live band. make sure you go see them if you get the chance when they tour for their next album.


last year they were touring europe a lot but i missed out to go to a festival or concert or something like that. i'm keeping my eyes open on line ups and for the temper trap!!!

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My friend was cranking their tunes when I was in the car with him yesterday. I know of The Jezables but never really bothered to get properly aquainted with any of their tunes. But I was really struck by how incredible the drumming on these tracks were. And the vocalist has quite the range, too. Should listen to more from them.

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Time to put this thread back up the list. So, since their debut album has been releases internationally, what do we think about it?


I for one, absolutely LOVE IT !! It has to grown on me because it has been a lot rougher compared to their EP's, but once I got the hang of it, I've been hooked on it ever since.

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Time to put this thread back up the list. So, since their debut album has been releases internationally, what do we think about it?


I for one, absolutely LOVE IT !! It has to grown on me because it has been a lot rougher compared to their EP's, but once I got the hang of it, I've been hooked on it ever since.


Aah so we're gonna be like that eh?!


Well, listen to me guys. Listen to 'prisoner' from The Jezabels and you'll come and thank me. It's just such a great album. Track after track.

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