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would you rather have coldplay die or coldplaiyng die?


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Initially I thought Coldplay, since I don't care about them and I quite like posting here.


But then I realised if this place died a new place would be born, whereas if Coldplay died I'd have to listen to people talking about Coldplay a lot, and they'd be forever overrated and not viewed as the average band they are.

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you know the crazy fangirls would say, "omg I would rather the wives and/or baby mamas die so that way the boys would need to find new wives and/or baby mamas and then he might choose me omg omg :dead:"


crazy fangirls can be mean like that



thats so true


^^i like eno with other bands but chris martin is just....

and he tries to copy ppl instead of getting anything out of them:shrug:

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