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missing paul isn't easy


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come people who you dearly miss him too and cry and tear out your hair and bump your head against your mattress and press your fists against your mouth to not scream out loud.


this link might help to get into the right mood (i rather laughed a lot tbh)




hope you're fine, man. still hope to coincidentally meet you at a rh gig somewhere on this crazy planet. i'll be the long pogoing thing, whose 'grey' hair is gonna fly around thus ecstatically that the rest of the audience probably can't see the band at all. you'll be the not too tall man with glasses, probably not blonde, not blue eyed, smoking/ not smoking (alas!), yelling 'TOUCH MEEEE, COZZEEEEYYY' with your sexy british accent. easy. i'm sorry to reveal that i'd still jump you on the spot but don't worry, you'll be ok.

i miss being silly with you a lot. and i still miss YOU a lot, as harrowing as that is.

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Oh man, I miss him. I used to hate him so much for quite some time (because he trolled a lot initially :freak:), but later I became close to him for one or two months before he completely gone.


I was taken to him from day one, long before he came to say hello. In fact, I loved the excessive spamming of his first days here.

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He just left for greener pastures :( I loved that guy.



Hopefully so. I somehow envision him playing World of Warcraft every night, hmm.

The gods know, I loved him too. He made me laugh in very stressful times, and I'll never forget that.

Oh heck, I still love him.

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The link says there are no matches. :thinking:


Yeah, that was completely irrelevant, but whatever.



Hello good Violet! :)

It's a link to all the threads Paul has made with his initial account, they were plenty and brimming with his quality boredom.

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