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What it means to be Coldplaying famous ?


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Dishwashing liquid (BrE: washing-up liquid), also known as dishwashing soap and dish soap, is a detergent used to assist in dishwashing. It is usually a highly-foaming mixture of surfactants with low skin irritation, and is primarily used for hand washing of glasses, plates, cutlery, and cooking utensils in a sink or bowl.


The reduced surface tension of dishwashing water, and increasing solubility of modern surfactant mixtures, allows the water to run off the dishes in a dish rack very quickly. However, most people also rinse the dishes with pure water to make sure to get rid of any soap residue that could affect the taste of the food.[1]


Notable brands of dishwashing liquid include Fairy Liquid, which is the bestselling brand in the United Kingdom, Dawn, which is the leading brand in the United States, and Joy.



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The River Raisin is a river in southeastern Michigan, United States that flows through glacial sediments into Lake Erie. The area today is an agricultural and industrial center of Michigan. The river flows for almost 150 miles draining an area of 1,072 square miles in the Michigan counties of Lenawee, Monroe, Washtenaw, Jackson, Hillsdale, and also a portion of Fulton County, Ohio.[1] It was named La Riviere aux Raisin by French settlers because of the wild grapes growing along its banks, since the French word for grape is raisin.[2]

Michigan :awesome:


Whenever that river hits flood stage, I think "uh oh, the River Raisin is raisin'. "


Really bad, I know.

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is not the same subject. I speak Coldplaying.com

Coldplay = Chris, Guy, Will, Jonny and we all fans .



What it means to be Coldplaying famous ?


the other Thread from part of The Lounge


and now this thread go in the Lounge ?


I know I am not well expressed, or not much sorry :\

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Unzela japix is a moth of the Sphingidae family. It is found from Mexico to Amazonia. There are also records from Surinam and north-western and south-eastern Venezuela.[2]


The wingspan is 44 mm. There are probably two to three generations per year with adults recorded from May to June, August to September and from December to January.


The larvae possibly feed on Vitaceae and Dilleniaceae species. It has also been recorded from Pinzona coriacea and Tetracera volubilis.

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