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Jo Whiley's Final Show


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I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but Coldplay recorded a little song for Jo Whiley's last show at radio one. They called it Stay Another Day and it's adorable and full of random weird little harmonies. It's prerecorded so there's no chatter, but it's cute nevertheless. 1:43:00 on the iplayer.


Sorry, I'm a lurker turned first time poster so I don't have a link for you. <3


edit: So Lily42 is right, it's their take on an East 17 song of the same name. They're so bloody cute.




Radio 1's Jo Whiley given emotional send-off by Bono and Coldplay ahead of move to Radio 2


JO Whiley was serenaded by Coldplay and praised by U2’s Bono as she left Radio 1 yesterday after 17 years. The DJ, 45, was given a celebrity-packed send-off on her last slot before leaving for Radio 2.


She said: “The boss Andy Parfitt gave me a speech and made me cry this morning. Thanks for the messages. To be part of people’s lives is all you can ask for as a DJ.”


Moments earlier, Bono made a surprise phone call and told her: “You should be carried around the BBC in a chair with people throwing flowers at your feet.”


Coldplay had performed a cover of East 17’s Stay Another Day, adding Jo’s name into the lyrics. The Klaxons and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl also appeared. Jo’s new show on Radio 2 starts on April 4.



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