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no one ever posts here!!


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:shrug: okay then. I will tell you a dream I had the other day, I never normally dream about people who are famous and I don't have a major crush on any member of the band really....sorry ;) (I love their music so don't hit me!!) but in this dream me and Jonny, or should I say Jonny and I, are in the bath together facing each other and I am stroking my hands through his wet hair and he looks lovely - sweet and vulnerable, but that's it, that's all I remember....strange eh!!! 8)

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Man I'd post here everyday...because quite frankly there should be a forum for the big man himself ;)


and you wanna talk about dreams....I have some pretty crazy dreams. The best ones usually involve Jonpot..if ya know what I mean :oops: ;)


wa-hoo! :lol:

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*still dreaming of little jonny;s running around my skirt* :D ooh that could be miscontrued as quite perverted!!!! :o


Just one Jonny in the bath will do me fine!!!

or 1 johhny running around your skirt lol!!! i wouldnt mind guy running around my shirt!

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